Drumming Classes
& Workshops

Afrobeat is a percussion group created to teach the true Brazilian street drumming culture and bring people to the musical universe.

 Working with instruments used in traditional Brazilian Samba schools: Surdo, Caixa, Repique, Tamborim, Agogo and Chocalho. The student choose your favorite drum and integrate in a Percussion Orquestra where you can learn the swing of popular Brazilian rhythms and all the influences.

When you learn the basic beats you will be able to participate of the advanced group and do LIVE PERFORMANCE around QLD!! 

In class the following points are worked:

  1. Musicalization: learning rhythmic language and sound control.
  2. Technique: Instrument technique chosen by the student with specific exercises.
  3. Rhythms and Repertoire: the rhythms and variations (Samba, Samba Reggae, Funk, Ciranda, March, Xote, Marchinha, ijexá and Maracatu) are worked with songs and arrangements for the creation of a set list for the group.
  4. Practising in group: the idea is to create a Band with the participants of the workshop.
  5. Live performance: The group get the opportunity to live perform around QLD.

Carnival Instruments

Based on instruments used in tradition Brazilian Carnivale Samba schools: Agogo, Snare, Repique, Surdo, Shaker and Tamborim. We build an percussion orchestra and incorporate a fantastic atmosphere to learn music and have fun with friends.

Using the method O Passo (practiced in Brazil and abroad) created by Lucas Ciavatta, Afrobeat brings the alternative way to learn music, percussion and develop skills such teamwork, self confidence, focus, coordination and rhythm.

This methodology makes the student integrates in a quickly and effectively way to the music world. Afrobeat brought this concept of music to Australia, to learning, have fun and make friends in a practical and simple way, making people vibrate with the groove.

Come enjoy the new experience with the true power of Brazilian drumming.

Classes every Tuesday at 6:30pm

Free Trail Class • All instruments Provided • Free Parking


  0432 152 440   info@afrobeatqld.com.au