Kids Workshop

The music has a fundamental role in the lives and learning of children, due to importance in developing intellectual, auditory, sensory, speech and motor. Part of the educational process, the child begins to express themselves in more active way with music lessons, integrating to your midsection and expanding their relations.
We managed to put together all these benefits with lots of fun and a relaxing environment. We supply all the instruments and teaching materials for children.

The Afrobeat brought this concept to music in Australia, learning and having fun, in a simple and practical way, making children vibrate along with our hit, extending thus the development of his musicality and team work!

Afrobeat Kids and their benefits: 

  • Play an instrument, strengthens and improves motor coordination in children;
  • Improves self esteem;
  • Help children communicate better, breaking barriers with shyness and inhibition;
  • Arouses sensitivity and creativity;
  • Study an instrument, causes increased growth hormone, collaborating in boosting energy levels and muscle mass 
  • Teaches working in group, creating a synergy with music, instruments and people;
  • Develop their auditory sensitivity through different instruments, rhythms and sounds;
  • Study music decreases stress and strengthens the immune system of children;
  • In contact with a percussion instruments the child develops a quickly aptitude for music;

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