Team Building through Drumming Rio Carnival Style. Music for your team in Brisbane, Gold Coast & Other Australian Cities.

Samba Carnival Team building offers companies a new and unique opportunity to motivate their teams and achieve results. This high energy activity uses the structure and concepts of a Traditional Carnival Samba School to enhance skills in the corporate world. With a lot of versatility and innovation Samba Carnival Team Building brings the happiness and engagement of a Samba School into the working environment. Through this dynamic workshop, we promote an awareness in people that allows them to achieve an excellent result by means of true teamwork.

Building strong relationships

These workshops provide an activity that makes an analogy between the world of Samba drumming groups and team work in the corporate environment

Have you stopped to think that behind the magic, pleasure and delight that appears in a few minutes of a performance, there is a lot of passion, dedication, organisation, creativity and teamwork? These values are essential to the success of any show. All of these concepts are applied in a fun way within the corporate environment, by Afrobeat Brazilian Drumming S.A.! These workshops provide an activity that makes an analogy between the world of Samba drumming groups and team work in the corporate environment. Using 6 different instruments (Surdo, Caixa, Repique, Tamborim, Bell and Shaker) of a traditional Brazilian Carnival Samba School, we demonstrate each instrument and their role within the group.

Our values are: “Passion for what you do.”, “Building strong relationships.”, and “The power and influence of the group in the search of positive results”.We start with an exercise which connects everyone by using body movement and hand clapping. This activity shows people how important synergy is to work well in a group.

Teamwork = Guaranteed Success

Now, it is time for hands-on! The participants are split into 6 teams. Each group receives the mentoring of an Afrobeat member. They will guide the participants in learning and in the delivery of a traditional samba rhythm. Enhancing skills such as teamwork and leadership are some of the aspects that are strongly worked on in this stage of the workshop.

Here the participants will learn to play a percussion instrument. In a short time they will learn to perform new complex tasks and work with focus and responsibility.

The goal is to work towards a group performance by playing in perfect harmony as a real team. Without the commitment of each individual a successful performance cannot be achieved. This is definitely a time when you can see the positive group dynamics shine. Experiencing joy, passion and enthusiasm, everyone gives their best to create a great show!

Objectives are to increase

  • Confidence and engagement to work in group
  • Diversity and understanding
  • Listening and communication
  • Synergy and co-operation
  • And provide a unique life experience

Additional information

  • Each group will be supported by a specific mentor during the workshop (as required)
  • The workshop will last an average of 1:30 min. However, the runtime is very flexible and can vary according to your requirements
  • High quality instruments are provided
  • This motivational activity can be applied in groups with any number of people
  • No prior musical ability is required

Immediate and lasting benefits

Afrobeat Brazilian Drumming S.A offers its participants a high energy experience in which all participants are guided to deal with the extreme pressure of performing with very high expectations. This experience is impressed in the memory causing changes in behaviour when faced with challenges and changes, creating more positive responses in times of pressure.

All are welcome

Afrobeat Brazilian Drums S.A gives the participants a new perspective in dealing with problems, challenges and relationships through this unique experience. Anyone can participate without restriction, including children, the elderly and people with special needs.

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